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Monday, February 11, 2008

First Try

We want to use this blog to share information about our Club.
Or maybe you have any suggestion or comment about us, just let us know.

Enjoy the blog….


Yolanda said...

I had dinner at Club du Gourmet when it opened for the first time. The atmosphere was Wow! My "eventually dinner partner" and I enjoyed the food very much, that somehow we forgot that we should have behaved more elegant especially when we had the only one romantic table by the beach :)The table was decorated nicely with candles and pandan leaves, in addition the owner seems to know how to increase the "privacy level" by placing some bamboo curtains that enhance the romantic atmosphere. The bonfire that set by the beach was awsome too, my "eventually dinner partner" put some more dry wood to make the flame lasts... guess he used it as an excuse to run from our pandan leaves fight :) Great work for both Sonya and Rico!

Club du Gourmet Nias said...

Thanks for the comment Yolanda. We are glad that you enjoy your romantic dinner at our Club. Brings some more friends then we will give you a discount for the next event :-D